The Friendly Cockroach

Yes, believe it or not, cockroaches are social creatures!   Scientific studies have shown that roaches form incredibly close bonds with other roaches and that they have a sophisticated intelligence which allows them to recognise members of their own families.  It was also discovered that different generations of the same family are most likely to nest together.

So whilst it appears that roaches need their friends, further studies have shown that a cockroach does not fair well if left alone.  As they are social by nature, loneliness affects their growth and those that are left to fend for themselves suffer isolation syndrome.  Studies on young German and American roaches showed that those roaches left alone took far longer to develop and moult into adults, found joining roach communities much harder and mated much later in life.

The results simply show us that young cockroaches need constant physical contact with other roaches to ensure successful development into adulthood.

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