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How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs for Good

The palmetto bug or American cockroach has adapted to many environments proving incredibly difficult to control. Cockroaches are nasty creatures that have earned a reputation for being germ carriers, nuisances and fast spreading pests. To avoid the unpleasant surprise of being greeted by a roach when opening the kitchen cupboard and how to get rid […]

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The friendly cockroach

Yes, believe it or not, cockroaches are social creatures!   Scientific studies have shown that roaches form incredibly close bonds with other roaches and that they have a sophisticated intelligence which allows them to recognize members of their own families.  It was also discovered that different generations of the same family are most likely to nest […]

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Why do cockroaches like our homes?

You may wonder why cockroaches like our homes so much when their natural habitat is forest or desert.  Well, that’s an easy question to answer. Whilst its true that roaches are tropical and subtropical insects, the most widely known roach species – the American and German cockroaches – have simply evolved to live successfully within residential environments. […]

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