Roach proofing your home

You’re best defence is to eliminate food sources and keep the little buggers out. Here as how to do that.

Roach-proofing your kitchen

Roaches will eat literally anything, but carbohydrates are their favorite. Not just anything edible to us though. They will munch on glue, a bar of soap, and even some starchy plants. Keep them out of plants by putting Vaseline on the rims of pots and give up the bar of soap. Use liquid soaps instead. Most importantly get your food into impenetrable containers. Cardboard, paper and thin plastic wont cut it. Roaches will chew their way in. Put all food items in glass or heavy plastic container that seal tight. It is also a good idea to keep everything in the refrigerator.

Keep things as clean as possible as well. It does not take much more than a crumb to feed a roach. Wipe down surfaces after food preparation and clean up spills immediately. Dont forget places where grease gathers. These areas should be scrubbed clean periodically. Store all organic trash in a tightly sealed plastic container and either compost it or dispose of when you throw the other trash outside. Keep all your trash-cans clean and sealed up tightly. If there is dog food or cat food left out, place the bowls in a shallow pan of soapy water so that the roaches wont be able to get to them. At night stop up the drains in your sink to deny roaches access.

Cockroach breeding grounds

Cockroaches can fit through cracks as small as 1/5″ so start looking in you areas of infestation for openings to seal up. They like dark moist areas, so pay close attention to areas near pipes, the oven, refrigerator and inside outlets. Using silicone caulk, fill any opening you can find in walls or on the floor.

Roach-proofing entryways

Look around outside and clean up piles of organic waste like leaves. Don’t let your lawn grow into a jungle and prune plants and bushes away from the house.   In apartment buildings roaches travel from one apartment to the next. If your neighbors had a roach infestation and moved out, the roaches will be looking for food and probably at your place. They will come in through vents, ducts and drains so start blocking them. Place screens behind you vents and seal the edges of duct opening with caulk. Look for damaged screens on the window and for missing weather stripping on doors. Again, block your drains every night with a stopper.