How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs for Good

The palmetto bug or American cockroach has adapted to many environments proving incredibly difficult to control. Cockroaches are nasty creatures that have earned a reputation for being germ carriers, nuisances and fast spreading pests. To avoid the unpleasant surprise of being greeted by a roach when opening the kitchen cupboard and how to get rid of palmetto bugs for good.

The Problem with Palmetto Bugs

Cockroaches have shown resistant to most conventional forms of treatment. Combined with a rapidly spreading reproductive system and you could be facing find a major infestation. Roaches are not only terrible to look at but these small invaders can munch through most materials and get into your foodstuffs. Palmetto bugs defecate at any time and in any place. These critters can spread many diseases harmful to humans and animals are transmitted by the palmetto bug.

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Detecting Giant Roach Infestations

A roach in your grocery cupboard or scurrying across the bedroom floor may determine the presence of more critters. Tiny fecal matter, foul odors and shell casings in and around the house are indications of possible infestations.

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How to Get Rid of American Cockroaches

Palmetto bugs are not the easiest to eliminate but with our home and garden tips, you can be sure to learn how to get rid of palmetto bugs for good.


How to Palmetto Protect Your Home

Once you have confirmed palmetto bugs inside your home, it is time to take efficient and effective action.

The first step is to evaluate the interior walls and floors for cracks and holes providing easy access for these pests. Seal off these areas to avoid a re-infestation. Sealing off the cracks and holes will prevent any roaches inside your home from escaping and possibly moving back in.

Keep all surfaces clean by practicing good hygiene. Seal all foodstuffs and conceal garbage cans. Sweep crumbs and dust off the floor to produce a clean, pest free space.

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The next step is to apply bait. The safest option is the use of bait stations where critters frequent. A concealed contraption will allow the bugs to enter the station, consume the bait and destroy the nest. Many chalk baits are available allowing you to line the frames and entryways to prevent outdoor insects from moving indoors. Pesticide sprays and foggers are best left to the professionals to minimize risk exposure. If you have children and pets that frequent your home, do not spray chemicals throughout the house. Call on a pest extermination service for assistance.

Check your house for leaks and remove all types of dirt, clutter and garden refuse. Roaches love clutter and areas of moisture. Keeping the exterior clean and free from rising damp and moisture prevents creating an attractive environment for these bothersome insects.

Palmetto bugs must be controlled in the garden. Clear fallen leaves to prevent creating a conducive environment for unwanted invaders. Utilize organic pesticides outdoors to deter palmetto bugs while protecting plants against harsh chemicals.

Incorporating home and garden maintenance, organic sprays and the safe use of baits are fast and effective ways of controlling and removing such pests once and for all.