How to Get Rid of Cockroach Smell in Cupboard

How to Get Rid of Cockroach Smell in Cupboard

Cockroaches are nasty critters, freely making their way into your home while proving incredibly difficult to remove! Not only are these pests responsible for contaminating foodstuffs and causing damage but leave a lingering stench in the spaces they decide to occupy. If you are suffering from the bad odours released by these pesky creatures, fear not. We determine how to get rid of cockroach smell in the cupboard and ways of restoring the scent free state of your living areas.

What is a Roach Odour?

Most people are unaware of the strong odours released by cockroaches as they move through your home. The kitchen is a prominent hiding and nesting place because it provides shelter and access to food and water. Unfortunately, cockroaches have no sense of bathroom etiquette. These insects will defecate in confined areas from the cabinets to the drawers and even bedroom cupboards. The remaining faecal matter is prone to mould growth and responsible for the distinctive smell referred to as a cockroach odour.


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The Following Tips Can Assist in removing Cockroach Smells in Cupboards:

  1. Preparation


To remove roach odours, identify the areas affected. The dark grains of faeces must be cleared with a thorough hygiene application. Prepare by investing in an approved disinfectant, rubber gloves, mask and general cleaning and drying materials. Prepare boxes or spaces to unpack goods that have been in contact with the matter and disinfect where necessary. Remove all items and foodstuffs from your cabinets and cupboards. The fine dark grains left behind should be thoroughly cleaned using a disinfectant.


  1. Clear the Cockroach Feces


The odours responsible for the foul smell are related to the roach faecal matter and mould.

Mould spores are responsible for asthmatic attacks and respiratory difficulties. Wear a mask and safely dispose of all cockroach faeces safely.

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  1. Spray Disinfectant


Cupboards affected by the cockroach stench should be sprayed with a strong disinfectant. Allow the product to remain inside the cupboard for a few minutes. Wipe down and repeat the process. Clear every corner. Any items inside the cupboard must be removed and cleaned with disinfectant. Allow the cupboards to dry and repeat the process if the smell persists.


Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroach Smell in Cupboard

Baking Soda


To eliminate the poor odours caused by cockroaches, place a bowl of baking soda in the affected cabinets. The baking soda absorbs excess moisture and helps decrease any bad smells.

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Leave cloves inside the cupboards after it has been disinfected. The strong spice fragrance helps remove bad odours and deters roaches from moving back in.


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Use Borax to clean cupboards and cabinets affected by cockroaches. You can sprinkle the powder inside these areas to prevent the pests from returning.




The best way to protect your home from the foul odours released by roaches is to keep foods sealed and clean regularly. Find effective and lasting ways of eliminating these critters and preventing such bugs from returning. Always disinfect all areas including surfaces that cockroaches have affected. Incorporate natural deterrents such as cloves and baking soda in homes occupied by children and pets.