How to eradicate cockroaches organically and keep your home free of cockroaches

Know your enemy! The American female cockroach can lay about 14 eggs a week. Most offspring die of hunger, but those who survive can live for two years! With an environment providing food, the population can grow quickly, and unfortunately cockroaches eat almost everything … Their favorite  food is rotten fruit, sweet things and alcohol .. But they aren’t fussy and can live on soap and toothpaste too. Their favorite living places – damp and cool places – under the sink for example, or in dark corners.

Prevention is the best medicine! Cockroaches come home to eat so don’t give them more reasons to visit. Do not leave food exposed, unwashed dishes in the sink, open cereal boxes, etc.. Beyond these things (obvious to most of us), cockroaches even feed on organic debris and anything that has fallen on to the floor like dry skin. In short, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your home will cause them to look for other places to eat.

The same rules apply to those cockroaches living outside, around your home. Clean away dead leaves close to the house, and clean any places that might be damp and shaded.

You can create a humane trap – take a jar, place a piece of bread inside, then smear vaseline all around the edge of the jar. The cockroaches will be enthusiastic to visit the jar but won’t be able to get out past the vaseline.

Buy Catnip (available in pet shops) – your cats will love it, but cockroaches hate it – excellent for use in places like under the sink etc.

Bay Leaves (available in your supermarket) – cockroaches hate them too. They can be put in strategic places.