How to effectively get rid of bed bugs naturally and fast

Pests have posed as a terrible menace to so many people, and bed bugs are just one of the countless pests which have played a massive role. In order to put a stop to this unnecessary disturbance from bed bugs, several methods have been developed in order to effectively get rid of them and also making use of a natural methods. Having bed bugs around your house can be a terrible nightmare for many people. There are several commercial repellants that can handle the problem of bed bugs but most of them are health hazards and expose us to health complications.

Bed bugs are known to have a more active period during night time, yet aren’t still classified as nocturnal creatures. They are not known to be pathogens specific to any disease but can inflict health conditions such as rashes on the skin, allergic symptoms and many other conditions as a result of their bite.
Outlined below are methods by which you can effectively get rid of bed bugs naturally and also very fast.

• Lavender oil
Lavender oil is a very effective method and is used by many. It can even be made from home which makes it a DIY method for eliminating bed bugs. Lavender oil does not only destroy the bed bugs but also the eggs. Destroying the bed bugs and leaving the eggs behind would mean the bed bugs can always regenerate after the death of all the adults.

Source: pinterest.com/asseenontv/fabriclear-bed-bugs/

• Make use of bed bug spray that is non-toxic
You can use bed bug spray that is non-toxic. Lots of these types of sprays exist and are made up from active ingredients found in plants. The advantages of these type of sprays is that they can be applied directly on to your bed or any other infested area without having an adverse health risk on humans. This is a very effective methods as the active ingredients found in this bed bug spray has proven to be very useful against bed bug infestations.

Source: owes.com

• You can install interceptors for the bed bugs
There is a method adapted by people which is the simple installation of bed bug interceptors placed around the legs of the bed. This makes it very difficult or almost impossible for the bed bugs to climb up your bed.

• Always use a mattress cover
It has been observed that bed bugs tend to thrive more in beds that don’t have a mattress cover. Once you notice the bed bugs, seal off your mattress with a mattress cover as this will kill off all the bed bugs inside.

• Wash your linen on a high heat.