Dealing with cockroach control naturally and organically without poison

If your reading this article then you have a cockroach problem. Or at least you’ve come home from work, switched on the light and seen one scurrying over your floor.  But let me stop you right there and tell you something you really don’t want to hear.  If you have one then you have hundreds.

Five months ago I emigrated from London England to the Mediterranean.  We may have lots of rain in London but one thing we don’t have is cockroaches.  I was absolutely appalled to find that they were in my new home despite it being perfectly clean.  But cockroaches are part and parcel of living in a hot climate and they make my skin crawl and turn me to jelly.

And if you are anything like me then you may be looking for an alternative to poison for your cockroach control. Especially as the poisons are not 100% guaranteed to stop your cockroach problem anyway and are very toxic for our pets and children and those suffering from asthma and other upper respiratory problems.

So armed with Google tips, advice, real life stories and old wives tails from friends, I started working through tons of ‘alternative’ remedies to take control of my cockroach problem.  I’ve listed some of those alternative approaches below:

Tea tree Oil,  Rosemary Oil &  Citronella Oil

These essential oils can be found in the local high street, health shop and often in your supermarket. You can also find these oils online at a million websites so they are easy to purchase.  Take these oils and mix them together with water. A few drops of each should be sufficient, depending on the size of your bottle.   Fill up a spray bottle with the mixture and target cockroaches directly.  Not only will the oils keep the roaches away and will kill a roach on contact.

Baking Soda

Another product which is easy to purchase from your local supermarket or online.  You can also kill roaches with Baking Soda. If a roach ingests Baking Soda, it will dehydrate and die. To get a roach to eat Baking Soda, you need to make it attractive to the roach.  Mix it with something that will attract them. There are a few things you can use, such as: cocoa powder, brown sugar, white sugar or powdered sugar. Whatever you have on hand that is sweet will work. Mix together the Baking Soda and sugary ingredient and place in small shallow containers. You can use plastic lids or sprinkle the mixture around where the roaches are likely to come out.  This is an effective alternative remedy.

Keep Switching your Alternative Remedies !

Roaches are extremely frustrating and can be difficult to get rid of. Make sure to keep replacing any of the alternative methods you choose and keep your house clean. Sometimes it can take a few weeks to see any difference, but be patient! Your efforts will pay off and eventually you will be roach free by using natural, chemical free alternatives. Eventually you will find a solution which works best for you.

Electronic Cockroach Control – This alternative approach for Cockroach Control worked for me !

Eventually though I decided to order an electronic pest repellent device which works simply by plugging it in to a plug socket.  With no poisons, no traps, no insecticides, no chemicals and no herbs, this approach is safe for pets and children.  It works in a unique way by simply repelling cockroaches (and other pests) by Electro-Vibrawave Technology.  What that means for you and me is that it pulsates vibrations directly through the wiring in your home and this creates a huge pest-repelling field.  It also emits an ultrasonic alarm (inaudible to humans and pets) which simply drives pests out by creating a hostile environment.  The other thing it has is Ionic Technology which removes pollutants from the air and gets rid of dustmites and food odours which attract cockroaches into your home.  For me, this device started reducing the amount of cockroaches from the first week of use and I was determined to persevere with it.  Whilst we all know that cockroaches can never be eradicated completely (they don’t say they can withstand nuclear war for nothing) by persevering over a period of one month I reduced my cockroach problem dramatically almost to zero.  Don’t give up on this – and don’t expect it to work in a few days either.   I would suggest one in each room for maximum effect and don’t be too hasty to condemn this device until you have really given it time to work.   It really does work and it feels good to know that my home is chemical-free.  Here is what I ordered:

Good Life Ultimate AT Electronic Cockroach Control and you can find it in our online store.