Cockroach poisons

If making your home less inviting was not enough to curb the problem, you may want to consider using pesticides. The problem is that roaches are immune to many pesticides or can become immune to the ones you use. Start with one method and do the trapping exercise to see if you are having any success.

Insecticidal dusts

Diatomaceous Earth and Boric Acid (Borax) are the two most common dusts. Diatomaceous Earth damages the exoskeletons of insects, dehydrating them. Boric Acid poisons them. Diatomaceous Earth works faster, almost immediately compared to Boric Acid which can take in excess of a week. However, roaches are less likely to be immune to Boric Acid and are not repelled by it. When using dusts take care not to breathe them in.

Hydramethylnon bait stations

Some varieties of Combat and Maxforce roach bait stations have varieties which use the poison Hydramethylnon and can kill roaches within 3 days of consumption. These bait stations allow you to use poison without covering you house, but should still be kept out of the reach of pets and children. The bait stations work well, but can be used up quickly in highly infested areas. Check you bait stations and change them frequently.


Insect growth regulators work breaking up the natural breeding cycle of insects. In cockroaches they cause adult sterility in exposed eggs and juveniles. This means that eventually your population of roaches should go extinct. However, if there are unaffected roaches nearby, you could just be re-infested again.

Carbon Dioxide fumigation

Carbon Dioxide is used by filling large plastic bags with roach infested items and replacing the air with the Carbon Dioxide. Roaches cannot breathe and die. If your moving you may want to see if any local pest control professionals are equipped for this so that you don’t move the roaches with you.

Steam cleaning

Steaming holes cracks and underneath appliances can kill roaches without the use of pesticides.


Foggers are pretty pointless. The roaches will retreat, hiding safely from the poison and come back out when the coast is clear. All you will have managed to do is poison your own environment. The residue will not affect the roaches at all. Its best not to bother with foggers.