Cockroach identification

How to identify if you have a cockroach problem

Nobody likes cockroaches. When people think of cockroaches they think of an unkempt home or a wild tropical environment.  But as most of us do not live either in a tropical environment or in dirty homes, this is simply not true. We all know cockroaches can pop up anywhere at any time.   And if one pops then then unfortunately hundreds will probably follow.  Everyone has had them at one point or another and if they haven’t yet, then they will.  Here is a little bit about them and how to get rid of them. A cockroach by any name is the same pest. Regardless of the species they have the same diet, habitat and habits. They are also all controlled in the same manner. Don’t worry about what kind. Worry about your plan of attack.If you want to know if you have cockroaches and if there are many or a few, leave out traps. Most any hardware store has inexpensive sticky traps for roaches, or you can make your own with mason jars. Throw in a piece of bread, coat the inside rim with Vaseline and the roaches will get in, but not out.
Place your traps in areas cockroaches are likely to traffic, like in cabinets,  on shelves, in the corners and in bathrooms.Try placing your traps evenly throughout the house, not concentrating on any particular area of your home. Keep in mind though that cockroaches travel along edges and you are less likely to catch them out in the middle of the floor. Where ever you catch the most roaches is where you should start the war on the roach.
Leave the traps out overnight, for the nocturnal pests to wander into and then check your numbers. Any roaches in the jar can be killed with hot soapy water and the traps reset.
Check again the next morning and then start moving your traps around, concentrating on the place where the roach capture is the highest. Pretty soon, you’ll have a really good idea where they are all hanging out.