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How to Do Your Own Home Pest Control

From rodents to roaches, these common pests can make its way into your home and quickly wreak havoc. From cracks and crevices to the gap under your front door, such tiny critters can contaminate foodstuffs, damage wiring, destroy furniture and simply drive you up the wall! Fortunately, there are steps you can take to manage […]

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The success of ants

As insects go, the success of ants is pretty impressive and they are possibly the most successful insects when it comes to distribution.  With the exception of Antarctica, the Artic and a couple of islands, ants have spread to just about every piece of land on earth and have literally conquered the globe. Scientists in […]

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Partner planting handling bugs and conditions the natural way

Selecting and planting the right plants for your garden will help you organically control common plant pests and will enable you to avoid having to use insecticides.  Your carefully selected plants will attract the good bugs like bees and butterflies whilst naturally keeping away the nuisance bugs like whitefly and aphids.  Butterflies and bees are pollinators […]

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