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How to get rid of sugar ants naturally

Sugar ants can really be a menace at times especially when they come in massive numbers and invade maybe your kitchen or some other comfort zone. As a kid, my mother always had to combat these sugar ants while I just go over to our neighbor’s because I really hated the sight of so many […]

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The success of ants

As insects go, the success of ants is pretty impressive and they are possibly the most successful insects when it comes to distribution.  With the exception of Antarctica, the Artic and a couple of islands, ants have spread to just about every piece of land on earth and have literally conquered the globe. Scientists in […]

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Controlling and eradicating ants in the flower garden

Ever wondered why your flower beds or grass borders are swarming with ants?  With no visible food source have you found yourself thinking why they act as they do?  This month my lawn borders were literally alive with ants to the point that I couldn’t walk on the grass.  It was driving me crazy as […]

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